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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring is in the air… and what else?

Inside air pollution can be up to 10 times greater than outdoor levels. That’s because, over the years, buildings have become more airtight to conserve energy. While storm windows, insulation, caulking and weatherstripping are excellent ways to keep hot or cool air inside the home, they also trap pollutants. These pollutants may come from chemicals, cleaning products and pesticides, as well as other less obvious sources such as cooking, bathing or heating the home.

What to Do:

You can improve indoor air quality by regularly changing the air filters in your heating and cooling system. A more serious, effective approach is duct cleaning. Many heating and cooling system components (especially ductwork) can be an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria and other airborne contaminants.

If you choose to get your ducts cleaned, make sure you select a competent service provider. A careless duct cleaner can damage your ducts (or entire system), possibly increasing energy costs or forcing you to get costly repairs.

Add this to your Spring cleaning list.

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to do some “Spring Cleaning.” Be sure to check for obstructions and clean around your outdoor A/C unit. The outdoor unit of your HVAC system contains the compressor, the heart of the unit. Clear any obstructions away from the outdoor unit. Keep yard items, plants, bushes, bikes and any other objects at least two feet away from the unit. Clear the debris that has collected around the unit and vacuum or blow leaves and dirt from inside the cage.

Bigger is not always better.

If your air conditioning system is more than 8 years old, you may find that the energy dollars you’re already paying can soon start paying for a new system. But there’s a lot to consider before making your decision. First, make sure the system is sized correctly. Bigger does not always mean you’re getting the best dollar value or more cooling.

The right size, proper installation for cost-effective use and an energy-efficient model are the keys to getting a good return on your investment.

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